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Food Truck & Caterer

It all began one day in Chef Flavaours'  kitchen....

Chef Flavaours is a Modern American Cuisine Chef and owner of Divine Flavaours. He began his career at the early age of 12 along side his grandfather, Executive Chef Mitch O'kelly. Since then, Chef Flavaours flourished in Culinary Arts School at Prince Georges Community College. Chef Flavaours fine tuned his skills at a variety of restaurants throughout the Washington D.C Metropolitan area where his signature food was contracted out to help launch sales. For the past 16 years, Chef Flavaours continued to refined his craft therefore developed a reputation as a Seafood Guru and Bonified Grill Master. His attention to detail is essential to every meal produced.  As a result, he created a standard of "great food every time".


Georgia Simpson, Owner: Pedisocks


It all began...

Georgia Simpson is a mother, inventor and entrepreneur. Georgia is the creator and owner of Pedisocks. She came up with the concept after getting a pedicure and leaving the nail salon on one chilly day early March 2013. Her toes and feet were so cold during the long half block walk to her car. She thought to herself, something has to be out there to help protect pedicured toes and feet from the elements. A lightbulb went off in her head and the idea of Pedisocks emerged. Georgia didn't want just another sock. She wanted Pedisocks to be multifunctional, and capable to be worn during all seasons. So she set out to create the best pedicure socks on the market.

With five open toes, and an amazing soothing toe-to-ankle inner lining to truly lock in moisture. Pedisocks are multi-functional, machine washable, super comfy, knee high pedicure socks. Pedisocks protect against harsh weather. For salon or home use to help restore dry cracked feet. Enhance and extend your pedicure experience by placing Pedisocks on the feet after the pedicure, before the toenail polish. 
Georgia is revolutionizing the pedicure procedure with Pedisocks.

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Danett Bean, DAOM

Dr. Danett Bean

It all began...

Dr. Danett Bean is a best selling author, doctor of eastern medicine and entrepreneur. Dr. Bean, an eastern medicine doctor, has been helping to improve women's health and wellness for more than 20 years.

Dr. Danett, as her patients refer to her, has built a medical practice that provides integrative, ancient and innovative health solutions, for women and mothers to help offset racial health disparities and to increase lifespan and healthspan. Services include in person and virtual visits, as well as online health programs
A system that works for and brown women!

Doctor of Acupuncture & Eastern Medicine

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