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Hi! I’m Coach Nic. I’m a performance coach and instructor for small businesses and business professionals. My company, COACH NIC DC, is based in the historic Navy Yard corridor of Washington D.C. I have a passion for improving performance results of entrepreneurs and the people that they employ.

I am also the leader and Chief Coach of the Save Small Business America Movement. I, along with my leadership team, are here to support YOU and your business during this pandemic and beyond! In other words, if you have needs outside of your business concerns, we got your back! Reason being, your business has a direct impact on your household, both positively and negatively. We are sensitive to that; therefore, as we seek to restore your business to a profitable state, the leadership team, resource partners, supporters, business specialists and I will seek to ensure that your home life is being kept together, too!

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    Leadership Council
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    Business Coach
    Responsible for the overall performance and success of small business participants.

Coach Nic

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